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When logging into Moodle use only your user name, for example Brad Turner would use bturner. DO NOT use your full email address.
After checking this, if you are still having problems logging in, put in a ticket at or call 315-279-5217 OPTION 1.

If you have trouble logging in to Moodle, call 315-279-5217 and press OPTION 1. If you successfully log in to Moodle, but have trouble finding your course, or uploading an assignment, or anything else Moodle-related, call the same number (315-279-5217), but press OPTION 2.

The following guidelines are required for posting to the discussion forum:
  • I will "listen" to others respectfully.
  • I recognize that online learning is devoid of physical cues that often support communication and will strive to use language that clearly expresses my views.
  • I will strive to utilize language that is thoughtful, respectful, and collegial when communicating with my fellow students.
  • When I disagree with someone I will critique his/her ideas in a respectful and constructive manner.
  • I will direct my comments to my fellow students rather than to the instructor.
  • I will try to understand other people's behaviors and perspectives rather than simply criticize them.
  • I will avoid stereotypes and humor that is disparaging of others.
  • I will intervene politely if I notice people are being disrespectful or unfair to others.

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